Wood Flooring

There are so many styles and types of wood flooring it can be confusing, as all wood is not created equal! Here in Arizona, our atmosphere needs to be considered when choosing wood flooring. Installation techniques also vary depending on the wood you choose and your substrate. At Strictly Custom Carpets, your flooring will always be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation recommendations.

The different types of wood flooring and installation methods are:
*Solid Wood Floors *Engineered Floors * Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is usually made of a compressed particleboard with a picture of wood on the top. A wear layer is applied on top of that.  It is a floating floor with a moisture barrier and pad installed underneath. Since there are so many styles and manufacturer options, we can help educate you so you will be able to make the right choice.

Engineered wood floors are constructed in a layered effect with the grain of the layers running in opposite directions.  The layers will range from 2 to 3 with less expensive products up to 8 or more with the higher quality products.  The top layer is your wear layer.  This layer is the actual hardwood species, whether it is Oak, Maple, Cherry, or your favorite wood.  This type of wood is best suited for the desert.  The opposing forces of the layered wood help to minimize the expansion and contraction rate.  Again, we make sure your product is installed to manufacturer recommendations to insure your product’s longevity and warranty.

Solid Hardwood floors last a life time, however they do require more maintenance than an engineered product.  With our drastic change in atmospheric conditions, humidity can range from 5% to the 80’s and 90’s during our Monsoon season. The product does have a greater expansion / contraction rate and that needs to be considered when making your choice.

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